Saturday, July 10, 2010

Final Project

I tried as best i could to finish up the work for “Matty's rocket” but had to accept the fact that for the 92Y screening it came down doing a trailer for the Matty and completing talon effects for Phlo (of which I am responsible for all of the visual fx and producing duties). To that end, I am pleased with the amount of work that was done but realize that I have a long way to go.

Before and After

The last two weeks have been a crunch averaging 3 hours per sleep per night. A horror film can't be effect if there is no horror elements. This meant that the creature and gore fx had to be generated. I utilized frame to frame rotoscoping and painting within photoshop to import the hd resolution video. These clips showcase the process of adding stakes to an alleyway fight. Meaning that the poor actor being assaulted would be dead had his attackers had real stakes.

Color Correction and Tracking

While producing the animation for my personal project I was also producing visual fx work for my brother's live action horror film titled “Phlo”. So I decided it would be good if I produced a gory title sequence for Phlo. The initial process involved capturing video on the kitchen table and placing a napkin over it. I attempted to put points on the napkin so that tracking could be done in afterfx. Once that that was done the font was chosen and logo produced in Photoshop in HD format. I then imported that file into Afterfx and applied the blending channel effects. Although the camera was shakey, I believe it delivers the needed dramatic effect.


Matty's Rocket requires a great deal of 3d modeling and painting work to produce backgrounds for the animation. My initial work begins from working on the storyboards. At that stage I either collect photographs for elements (sky, clouds, etc.) or go straight to modeling in a 3d modeling application (3ds max). In 3ds max I attempt to light the scene then output a high resolution tiff render with alpha channel. From their I do a paintover in Photoshop broken down into layers. This allows the background to be ready for compositing.


I have begun to work on a Project called “Matty's Rocket”. The intention is to screen at the 92Y. The two images I have here feature animation produced in Photoshop and AfterFX. I utilized the animation module in as well as the compositing effects.